Are you interested in studying abroad?
You are at the right place.

Many young students have a desire to travel around the world, learn foreign languages, meet different cultures, and study outside of their native country. It sounds very fun, but the problem is how to get it started?

Each country has its own educational system with unique requirements, paperwork, and procedures that could be frustrating and time consuming. Rising Stars International team has a widespread network of universities & high schools in the United States, Canada and Europe we collaborate with to help our candidates to go through the application process smoothly and make the right choice that will determine their future.

Marketing and promotion

We promote all academic and athletic qualities of prospective students with intention to help them get the largest amount of scholarship possible. We use our experience and knowledge to find the academic institution that will suit the needs of every student-athlete at a minimum cost.

Promotional materials

We help our candidates make adequate video material that will highlight their athletic abilities and draw coaches’ attention. We also recommend professional individuals for high-quality video recording.

SAT/TOEFL preparation

We collaborate with several language institutions whose professors were teaching at most reputable American universities (etc. Georgetown) and direct our candidates to them for appropriate preparation.

High school/University application

We help our candidates to apply to a desired academic institution, gather all necessary documents for this process, and complete all required procedures.

Eligibility Center Registration

We guide our athletes through specific process of registering with NCAA or NAIA eligibility center, which is necessary to compete in those intercollegiate leagues.

Individual workouts

We design individual nutritional programs and practice regimes for each athlete and desired sport. Our candidates have a chance to adequately prepare for rigorous standards of college sports through work with coach Vukadinovic, whose experience helped many athletes to get their game to another level.

VISA process

We assist with VISA application process, prepare our candidates for VISA interview, and advise how to schedule an appointment in the embassy.

Travel arrangements

We help our clients to find the cheapest airplane ticket, best route available, and we organize an airport pick-up at desired destination.

Whether you are an athlete looking for a sports scholarship or a student with high academic ambitions, Rising Stars International team will help you complete all the necessary steps to put you in a position to obtain the best education you are capable of at a minimum cost.

We also have programs designed to prepare you for college standardized tests such as SAT, TOEFL, or GRE. We build specified individual training programs and nutrition plans intended to maximize the potential of our athletes and develop new skills. Our services include help with finding suitable accommodation, making specified travel arrangements, and assistance with VISA application process. The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Don’t waste your time, contact us today.